All The Things I Would Do IF I Won The Lottery

If I were to defy the odds of winning the lottery and actually win the lottery today, I would pay off my student loans and my parents’ cars and their house first. Then the real fun would begin.

Assuming I had won an outrageous amount of money, or one of those “money for life” lotteries like if you beat the odds of winning Mega Millions, I would buy a big piece of land, out in the country somewhere, and build a Georgian style house on it. I would fill it with antique furniture, and be a regular country squire. I would put in a lake with a dock, a library, a gourmet kitchen, and an English rose garden. I’d also buy a couple of horses and set up a stable on the grounds for them. A guesthouse would go a little ways from the house, perhaps by the lake. I’d do some serious wardrobe updating and get some couture dresses to fill my new closets. If there was any money left after all this, I would go on a tour of Europe: Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain if I could. I might also go to Japan, India, and Singapore.

Or, I might buy a private island with my lottery money and set up my own little world there, probably in the Caribbean somewhere. I’d build a villa and put a wraparound deck on it. I’d buy a jet ski and a sailboat. I’d put a couple of hammocks on the deck and set up a little sleeping porch so I could sleep outside when I wanted. I’d want a library in this house as well, and a place for me to write–possible a second story bay window, overlooking the sea. Of course I would need my own private jet, so I could fly down there any time I wanted.

I would have to get a new computer and outfit it with the best writing software I could buy, one of those touch screen ones that can be used as a tablet or a regular computer. And I would also buy a new IPod, and plenty of new music to fill it with. I’d raid every bookstore I could think of and buy plenty of books for my new library.

Of course, what I would most likely do is simply buy a couple of houses on the coast, a couple of those historical ones that have a lot of character: one for me and one for my parents. I’d still need a sailboat, if did that, and perhaps a plane. Both houses would have to have a dock out to the water, and a big porch with a swing and a hammock. I would go back to school as well and get a degree in law and set up my own practice.

Any money I had left over would go in a savings account so it could gather interest. I’d love to be one of those people who can live off the interest their money makes. Or one who could live off their investments, failing that: I’d invest in something that has staying potential and make sure I never run out of money.

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